Figma design process

After the research, it was time for me to do the design. The main pages of my project are the home page, the shop page, the page where you can customize your bag, and the basket, and also the learn page where users can find more about Refresh Your Bag.

The design is pretty minimalistic, the colors I used are mostly pastel shades. On the home page, there is a section where people can see the newest collections, while also being able to go to the custom page. Under it, there is a section where there would be feedback and pics from customers. I found out from my survey that users find the most valuable to see the overall satisfaction of the products when they read others' feedback. On the shop page, you can filter the products based on size, color, and material. You can also sort it by popularity, what is new, and price. On the basket page, there is some information related to the transport costs, while also making it simple for customers to delete the items or insert a promo code. The custom page is very minimalistic, allowing customers to focus on sharing all the valuable information for their desired custom. The learn page shows some information about the brand while highlighting the most important qualities of the brand.

My Design