Prototype and user testing

After creating the design I made the prototype. After this, I did prototype testing with a cybersecurity student. I asked him to do different things on the website: navigating to the shop page, adding a bag to the basket, deleting the item from the basket, placing an order, going to the learn page, etc. I understood from the feedback that the website would be better if the header would not move while I am scrolling the page so that is easier to navigate through pages. They also suggested that I should include more filters for the bags on the shop page.

Personal reflections

My overall reflection on my concept is that it would work because there are people interested in this idea. I do believe that in order for this to work there should be a lot more improvement, constant research, and also some business skills. For me, it was very fun and interesting to work on this and to bring a personal passion to life. I would really consider the idea to develop this further. The risks would probably be that people might find it difficult to understand how they need to write the custom explanation so maybe it would be good to integrate a tutorial on how to do so. Also, I would improve the home page with more sections.