Personal UI/UX design study case Refresh Your Bag

My concept: I want to combine my love for fashion(especially bags) with my wish to improve my UI/UX design skills. I want to create a design that is modern, and clean. This website would be different from others because is not just a simple store for bags, it is a community for bag lovers. People who love fashion would have the chance to customize a bag that they already have, getting inspiration from other customers and bag lovers and also being able to see and buy bags from unique collections that might represent them. Moreover, the name of the project is Refresh Your Bag, which has the abbreviation RYB (RYB is a subtractive color model used in art and applied design in which red, yellow, and blue pigments are considered primary colors.), which shows that my concept is to create something new from what you already have.

Problem Statement
: Current online bag shops focus on selling pre-designed bags, leaving limited options for customers seeking personalization and creative expression. Moreover, these platforms lack a sense of community for users who are passionate about fashion. How can we develop a user-friendly, modern platform where users can refresh their existing bags through customization while engaging with other bag enthusiasts.

Competitive analys
is: For my primary research, I started to first search the market. I found out that there are websites that customize bags but they have a different concept. None of them creates a community for bag lovers, none of them offer the chance to customize a bag after a bag that you already have and maybe you just want it in another color, or with another design on it. They focus more on the classic bags and they allow you to customize it to some extent. Below I installed 2 websites that create customized bags but their concept is different from mine.

Next, I made a survey where I addressed the problems that concerned me, based on the teacher's advice. I sent it to multiple people from different environments and I got their responses.

Who are the target users?

From the answers that I received, I understood that my target users, the people who are likely to use the website are the ones who want to show their personality through their bags (and outfits in general), people who like the idea of having something personalized.

Based on my survey I created user persona and MoSCoW list that represent the user that would use my project, the user's wants and needs, and also the user's problem that my idea would resolve.

POV and HMW statement

After creating the user persona I made a PoV and HMW questions statement. This helped me to see what things I must include in my design (the option for users to customize their bag without limitation, a section where users can see other customers' feedback and designs, separate collection of unique bags).